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Business Analysis and Solutions BA&S is a consulting and training in business management and information technology management founded in 1990 in McAllen Texas.

Our governing body and team of consultants have over 20 years of international experience in projects and maintain a profile of specialization in each of the areas we work. We support organizations and their staff to develop, strengthen and demonstrate their capabilities through the most prestigious certifications internationally.

We have built a network of alliances with industry leaders who see BA&S  a key partner organizations to achieve their goals .

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Integrating Information Technology and Communications ( ICT) from the board level ensure good planning and execution of strategic ICT which will power the business, increase the productivity of their teams and generate real innovation in your organization to make it leader her bouquet .

For many companies , information and technology that supports it represent their most valuable assets , but often are poorly understood. Successful companies recognize the benefits of information technology and use it to boost the value of all its stakeholders (eg customers, owners , employees, suppliers and society in general) . These companies are successful due in large part to manage effectively and efficiently manage the following dimensions associated with ICT for the good of the company and other stakeholders :

  • ICT strategy (ensuring integration and effective implementation of the provisions according to the business strategy )
  • Organization and People ( organized efficiently to meet the needs and aspirations of both clients and users, such as technical and non-technical ICT employees)
  • ICT processes (ensuring an efficient flow of activities that support the delivery and support of ICT services )
  • ICT infrastructure (ensuring and optimizing capabilities when software , hardware, networks, etc. . ) And
  • Suppliers or Partners ( integrating a robust value chain both within ICT and business and outside , with organizations both equipment and services and outsourcing) .

All these aspects on a smart combination enable the delivery and support of services unique and high quality ICT and resulting competitive advantage for the firm ( eg innovative and reliable products and services for the consumer , based on the services and capabilities distinctive ICT ) .

These companies are characterized by partly because clearly understand the critical dependence of many business processes on skills and ICT services, and manage business risks associated with ICT (such as increased regulatory requirements) . And secondly because they understand that leadership and sustained growth can only be achieved through providing or creating new opportunities to generate revenue and profits , and manage ICT based innovation formal and systematic way. As the results of innovation models, processes and ICT services are not the result of chance or the spark of genius of a person but of an organizational effort well orchestrated and controlled.

Thus , the need for assurance about the value of ICT , management of risks associated with ICT , as well as increased requirements for control over information are now understood as key elements of corporate governance . Value , risk and control constitute the essence of government ICT . The government is responsible for ICT executives , board of directors and consists of the leadership , organizational structures and processes that ensure that the enterprise ICT sustains and extends the organization’s strategies and objectives.



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