Major Products & Services

Consultancy , Induction and Training Systematic Innovation.

Facilitation for Identification and Resolution of Problems and Opportunities with systematic innovation .

Software support for the registry, Analysis and Generation of Ideas, Concepts and Solutions (ie products and services, processes , business models ) .


Establishing an organizational innovation engine that ensures the continuous generation and application of ideas and concepts (processes, business models , products and services) from all members of the organization, is becoming an increasingly growth factor.

Operational excellence focused only on efficiency ( competitive advantages based on cost) is no longer sufficient . By designing and implementing a framework and organizational culture with principles and values that encourage and reward participation and resulting innovation and the formal establishment of processes , methodologies and practices that enhance creativity and collaboration, progress is still possible to generate a complex and ever-changing competitive environment, where resources are dwindling , and the action is increasingly regulated and consumers are increasingly demanding .
The good news is that all organizations can innovate and do it consistently, without relying on flashes of brilliance in some “genius” that fate would be in the organization. And although the predictability of the outcome has always been a subject of debate, it is a fact that results can be achieved in a much more controllable, fast and simple way.
The way to achieve this may include many elements , however , leading organizations are choosing the methodology and TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) tools as the core of their innovation strategy.

Business Analysis and Solutions BA&S incorporates these practices and tools to support organizations to identify opportunities and problems effectively, and can conceive revolutionary ideas are implemented effectively and cost-effective business solutions , either associated with Information Technology ( IT ) or other technological and non-technological areas .