Analysis and Systematic Innovation

Establishing an organizational innovation engine that ensures the continuous generation and application of ideas and concepts ( processes , business models , products and services ) from all members of the organization , is becoming an increasingly growth factor.


Operational excellence focused only on efficiency ( competitive advantages based on cost) is no longer sufficient . By designing and implementing a framework and organizational culture with principles and values ​​that encourage and reward participation and resulting innovation and the formal establishment of processes , methodologies and practices that enhance creativity and collaboration, progress is still possible to generate a complex and ever-changing competitive environment , where resources are dwindling , and the action is increasingly regulated and consumers are increasingly demanding .

The good news is that all organizations can innovate and do it consistently , without relying on flashes of brilliance in some “genius” that fate would be in the organization. And although the predictability of the outcome has always been a subject of debate, it is a fact that results can be achieved in a much more controllable , fast and simple way .

The way to achieve this may include many elements , however , leading organizations are choosing the methodology and TRIZ ( Theory of Inventive Problem Solving ) tools as the core of their innovation strategy.

Business Analysis and Solutions BA&S incorporates these practices and tools to support organizations to identify opportunities and problems effectively, and can conceive revolutionary ideas are implemented effectively and cost-effective business solutions , either associated with Information Technology ( IT ) or other technological and non-technological areas .


Benefits to Our Clients

What are the benefits to the Systematic Innovation ?
1. You can maximize the creative potential of all individuals in the organization , producing unique results quickly

  • Free the creativity of any individual throughout the organization , even when it thought it was not creative.
  • Significantly increases creativity of the creative or “geniuses .”
  • Power even more creativity and innovation in teams and making synergy based systematic innovation .
  • Increase motivation and commitment of the participants , further increasing their valuable contributions not previously came to light .

2. Was accessible and quickly take advantage of the world’s knowledge as to how you have solved similar problems , all kinds , through industries and fields throughout history.

3.  You can go from being an organization ” follower ” to be an organization “leader” , by creating new products, services and market spaces. This ensures the survival and growth occurs that few organizations are making in this century. Consequently , more welfare for its employees , shareholders, suppliers , partners and society in general is generated.


What benefits are obtained with the support of BA&S ?
1. Methods used are educational and fun , ensuring effective learning that can be applied immediately by anyone, regardless of specialty or level of training.
2.Facilitation techniques applied ( innovation or problem solving) ensure positive results
3. Our methods and knowledge are continuously coded and updated , which is fully accessible to our customers.

Our focus is to exceed the expectations of our customers and gain their confidence. For this reason , we are available at all times and we support our customers face any questions or problems you may have, either by phone , via e-mail or in person , 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.


Major Products and Services

BA&S offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services, which mainly includes:

  • Consultancy , Induction and Training Systematic Innovation.
  • Facilitation for Identification and Resolution of Problems and Opportunities with systematic innovation .
  • Software support for the registry, Analysis and Generation of Ideas, Concepts and Solutions (ie products and services, processes , business models ) .

The Counseling offered and taught by BA&S has been developed to allow anyone to learn the system of Systematic Innovation and enable it to be self-sufficient and effective problem solving and innovation in the shortest possible time. The system ah been extensively tested with organizations around the world for over 10 years.


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