ICT Governance and Management

ICT Analysis

Identify where things could be improved

Only those who are fully aware of the condition of their IT and telecommunication environments, will be able to take targeted action and exploit optimisation potential. The ICT Analysis service of Business Analysis and Solutions BA&S IT Services supports you in identifying areas where action is needed and helps you to implement improvements.

  • Your ICT environment will be subjected to a thorough analysis and then documented comprehensively.
  • The analysis provides you with important key figures and identifies ICT costs.
  • You will be aware of the current ICT issues of your employees as well as the business units.
  • The ICT analysis identifies underused potential and areas where action is needed, and defines a roadmap for possible outsourcing.
  • The ICT analysis provides you with all relevant information that is needed to prepare for standardisation.
  • Overall you will be provided with a solid foundation for making decisions, which will enable you to define the next steps and implement follow-up measures.

IT Outsourcing Workshop

Impulses for your sourcing strategy

Everyone is talking about outsourcing. The workshops of BA&S IT Services, which do not put you under any obligation, highlight the options that are available and show you whether outsourcing is viable for your company.

  • You gain clarity with regard to which sourcing forms and model would best match your needs.
  • You get an overview of IT outsourcing topics and are provided with a solid foundation for making decisions about your own sourcing strategy.
  • You can form a conclusion regarding cooperation with a potential service provider and are aware of the associated benefits and disadvantages.
  • Our specialists show you a typical sourcing decision workflow and explain the procedure for transferring the current situation to the new sourcing model.
  • You gain insight into the latest trends, new technologies and future services as well as suggestions, inspiration and food for thought for your daily business.
  • You benefit directly from our business and technology know-how as well as our wealth of experience in the design and implementation of projects.


Service Integration

The right organisation for multi-service management

Working with multiple service providers increases complexity for your ICT organisation. The specialists from BA&S IT Services take care of multi-provider management for you, including service integration: from planning and contracting to ongoing optimisation.

  • In these competitive markets, you can be sure that will get the right provider to meet your requirements.
  • You will have access to a consulting partner with many years of practical experience in relation to onboarding and contracting service providers.
  • You can rely on a profound understanding with regard to the establishment of organisations for multi-service management, the implementation of appropriate processes and the automation thereof.
  • Competent specialists develop integration concepts for your multi-service environment, create suitable project plans and accompany you during the specific implementation.
  • You have a partner that will negotiate the provision of services with participating service providers, either on your behalf or on their own initiative.
  • Process management is based on the ITIL standard and covers all stages of IT service provision (end-to-end) within a multi-sourcing environment.

Identity & Access Management

Real protection for your corporate data

Protecting outsourced corporate data against unauthorised access should have the highest priority. BA&S solutions for secure, timely identity and access management ensure the required level of security is in place with regard to cloud services and multi-provider sourcing.

  • You can obtain identity and access management as a service.
  • You receive a role-based solution for managing access controls, which is also audit-proof.
  • Role-based access control provides transparency in relation to the assignment of permissions, reduces the time required to administer permissions and also reduces the risk of misuse.
  • Single sign-on and single sign-off as well as monitoring safeguard the central administration of identities and the secure access to applications.
  • If required, additional expert knowledge is available “on demand”.
  • Our specialists would be happy to carry out an assessment in your company.


IT Processes and Process Optimisation

The right IT for your business

One of the central activities of an IT organisation is to support business processes as optimally as possible. The experienced specialists from BA&S IT Services can assist you with the review and optimisation of your IT and its activities.

  • This process service improves the efficiency and effectiveness as well as the quality and cost-effectiveness of your IT organisation on a continual basis.
  • The IT services, organisation and processes are compared with the actual business requirements.
  • You receive recommendations for concrete improvement measures, which are aligned with your specific working conditions.
  • You can be sure the connection between business process management and IT service management works as it should.
  • Processes are implemented in line with the rules of the ITIL Good Practice Framework.
  • You have a partner that will activate lean thinking in your company and introduce the principles of lean management with the help of its own methods (e.g. value stream analysis).


Performance Management

Clarity regarding IT performance

Corporate processes can only be supported effectively if the performance of IT systems is appropriate. The Performance Management service of BA&S IT Services ensures you have the right level of performance for your IT systems and applications.

  • The Performance Management service quantifies perceived performance through comprehensive application measurements (end-to-end).
  • You are provided with a management cockpit, which helps to generate a business perspective of performance.
  • Within the scope of performance management, we take a stock check of your hard and software and identify how the software is being used.
  • You receive fast, comprehensible results, well-founded information for choosing the next steps, and a transparent final report.
  • The findings of the performance analysis enable you to realise the benefits quickly.
  • As the measurements can be replicated, you can monitor and measure your progress and identify further optimisation potential.


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