The provision of technology-based business telecommunications significant opportunities but also great challenges. The complexity in terms of diversity of brands and technologies is only one factor to be managed effectively and efficiently. Human capital and suppliers or partners must also be properly managed as well as the clients themselves and service users.


Thus, many organizations require effective solutions to deal with situations such as:

  • Need to keep operating the business processes at all times , with the pressure of relying on a highly complex technology platform, constantly growing and demanding in his administration.
  • Difficulty in aligning or even justify the objectives and operation projects with business objectives .
  • Dealing with high operating costs resulting from the need to manage a multi -vendor ecosystem and the use of multi-platform event management with little or no correlation.
  • Absence or lack of clarity in the dependence of business processes and the platform that supports and misunderstanding of the impact of a technological failure thereof.
  • Need and dependence on highly skilled or experienced to recognize and respond quickly to failures .
  • Competitive pressure that forces you to minimize the time of diagnosis of the technological problems that affect business.

Business analysis and Solutions BA&S supports organizations to establish based on frameworks, tools and methodologies that enable the integration and automation of processes for effective and efficient management of technology infrastructure to process management solutions for the customer .

Benefits to Our Clients

What are the benefits with a focus on Telecom Operations Management ?

  1. Establish a model of enterprise architecture and business processes based on global experience in the telecommunications industry . Clearly identifying the areas and skills that cause the competitive advantages of the particular organization you can adjust or change items (eg processes, activities or technological approaches ) necessary to maintain or achieve the desired value proposition and business growth.

What benefits are obtained with the support of BA&S ?

  1. Our consultants have the knowledge, experience and certifications to international methodologies , best practices and more recognized worldwide and proven industry tools . Therefore, service delivery and project implementation are always attached to international quality standards and a comprehensive advisory service in the diagnosis , design, maintenance and automation solutions and processes is provided.
  2. Our customers and strategic alliances support our reputation as the best in our field.
  3. Our focus is entirely on exceeding the expectations of our customers and achieve their full confidence. For this reason , we are available at all times and we support our customers with any questions or problems you may have, either by phone , via e-mail or in person , 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.


Major Products and Services

BA&S offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services, which mainly includes:

  • Installation, Maintenance and Integration Operations Support Systems, Network Management and Telecommunication Services.
  • Event Management Consulting.
  • Consultancy for the Design and Implementation of Business Process
  • Enterprise Architecture consultancy focused on telecommunications
  • Application Integration Consulting and Technology Architecture
  • Process automation tools.