About us

Business Analysis and Solutions BA&S is an organization of consulting and training in business management and administration of information technology founded in 1998. Our governing body and team
of consultants have over 20 years of international experience in projects and maintain a profile of specialization in each one of the areas we work. We have built a network of alliances with industry leaders
who see BA&S to a key partner organizations to achieve their goals .
To achieve a level of expertise that adds value to our customers, we have grouped our solutions according to key business capabilities that enable :

  • Systematic Innovation.

  • Enterprise architecture.

  • Governance and Management of IT.

  • Telecom Operations Management.

  • Information Security.

Our Vision is to become the preferred business architects and innovators of organizations that want to
achieve or maintain excellence in IT as the basis for the success of your business , entrusting the facilitation of innovation and quality assurance and continuous improvement of strategic capabilities IT .
Our mission is to help organizations plan business strategies based on unique IT and ensure their continued success by establishing a government and effective and efficient management of resources and
capabilities that enable

BA&S was founded in 1998 as a consulting firm to provide solutions to startups and established to accelerate their growth . During all these years BA&S detected that most of the problems existing firms ,were caused by problems IT result was the union of several professionals in the implementation of solutions for monitoring and managing complex technology infrastructures , especially for the telecommunications sector . In its constant evolution and based on their vision, BA&S in 2005 successfully expanded its focus to other industries and complements its portfolio to integrate solutions for managing IT services and information security. In 2009 incorporates innovative solutions aimed at helping all types of organizations to establish a well-integrated enterprise architecture to technology and innovation manage systematically.

With a customer-focused strategy and a philosophy of teamwork, BA&S designs comprehensive solutions tailored innovative and transmits its philosophy of quality, teamwork and continuous learning environments to their clients. Therefore , since its rebranding in 2006 , BA&S strengthens its essence by
the following slogan: ”“We Integrate Minds for create Excellence Organizations””
Whereupon BA&S itself is defined as follows :
1. About us : We are minds working together internally and with our customers and partners in order to
achieve excellent results .
2. What we believe : We believe strongly in teamwork ( “United Minds” ) that creates intellectual challenges , generate synergies of knowledge and innovative learning speeds . Teamwork allows coexistence while , builds confidence and can do the job cheaper and fun . We also firmly believe that teamwork may extend into the environments of our customers and partners. In summary, we believe that human capital is the main generator of competitive advantage and therefore , we must add all the
knowledge , experience and creativity of the minds available to maximize the capabilities of our organization and our customers and allies.
3. What we do : We are a consulting organization based on specialized knowledge ( which is powered by united minds) and our solutions are enabled by human capital excellence.
4. Who we do : We work with organizations ( customers and partners ) who always strive for excellence in technology and operations business.
5. How we do it : We always work together and complementing to allow greater flow of knowledge and ideas in an environment of healthy living and confidence . Why we do ( what is the benefit ) : We seek excellence for our clients and for ourselves accordingly
reach our organizational goals , will contribute to a better quality of life and obtain satisfaction of personal and professional nature