Here is no doubt that more and more organizations rely on innovative IT services and associated capabilities that enable delivery with the expected quality and functionality.

Traditionally, Information Technology were viewed simply as a means to support the operations of a business. However, organizations now understand that IT excellence should not only play a tactical and operational but also strategic role , enabling new models , products and business services to ensure leadership , growth and sustainability of the organization in the long run , transforming even their industries.
In order to ensure the value provided by IT to the business , it is necessary therefore, a paradigm shift from IT as a collector and complying with requirements of their “clients ” (ie internal areas ) , a paradigm of IT as a partner key collaborator and facilitator of business solutions. Establishing a good governance and IT management is essential to ensure this.
By establishing an IT governance is possible to integrate the interests and agendas of all stakeholders in the organization or business, through principles, structures, practices and processes that ensure the generation of IT value , mitigating risks IT business partners , and the optimization of resources and costs across the entire organization .
Business Analysis and Solutions BA&S supports organizations to establish based on frameworks, tools and methodologies that allow the integration of IT Governance fused to Corporate Governance ( Corporate or Institutional) , ensuring that best industry practices are selected, adapted solutions implemented and implemented according to the particular needs of the organization. This way , you ensure that IT services deliver business value throughout its life cycle, and there is a constant renewal or creation of new differentiated services to ensure the leadership of the organization as a whole .