Framework BA&S Solutions


According to its vision and mission ,Business Analysis and Solutions BA&S has made ​​through the years a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that makes it possible to achieve true business partnership with its customers , where the value permeates throughout the organization , generating benefits for all participants (through the entire value chain or network ) .

Unlike its competitors, BA&S proposes a solution framework covering needs from the strategic to the operational level, always taking care of alignment and appropriate integration initiatives (program and project ) and associated with IT objectives investments of the organization .

BA&S solution framework



As can be seen , the solution framework is modular and consists of 6 blocks in it. Each of these blocks is made ​​up of a business unit (or “practice” ) in BA&S , which are responsible for developing and providing customized solutions (services and technology) with customers.

Since the framework is modular , easily applicable in any situation or particular needs associated with IT as an enabler or even transformer business. However, BA&S is convinced that an approach starting from the strategy is the best alternative to ensure that all investments in programs and projects create value for a company.

In this sense, through our solution framework can support organizations (whether for-profit companies or not ) from their strategic planning , through facilitation and joint development of ideas and solutions to the effective implementation and efficient of them, using industry best practices and enabling them with advanced technology .

In our solution framework , the practice of Systematic Innovation provides block “master” that supports all others and providing practices, methodologies and tools to enhance creativity , identify opportunities and problems , and generate unique solutions faster and economic . Although this can be exploited at any level and area of ​​the organization , at the strategic level becomes particularly relevant as it allows companies to create products and services (based in some way on IT ) clearly differentiated from its competitors.

Once you have defined the strategic objectives and the products and services in a company , it must ensure that all initiatives and investments provide value not wasted resources , the costs associated with IT are optimized and that the organization has the agility needed before any required changes (eg caused by a change in the industry or any other changes in the external environment ) . Our practice of Enterprise Architecture ( EA ) supports our clients generate efficiencies and agility in the organization by establishing a visible architecture that enables seamless integration of business and IT across all areas.

While planning is a key aspect that deserves to spend time just after avoiding costly errors and rework and delays in releasing solutions , the effective implementation of strategies and architectures is also an aspect that deserves due attention . Good governance of enterprise integrating good governance of ICT raises not only the establishment of structures , policies and guidelines to follow to ensure the achievement of the objectives of the organization, but also a proper establishment and implementation of best practices across the levels of the organization . In this sense , organizations base their IT competitiveness , requires ensuring that best practices for IT management are established and maintained . Our practice of IT Governance and Management supports our clients in establishing the practices required to ensure that IT provides value to the business by investing in the acquisition and development of resources and services necessary to deliver quality IT capabilities, while optimizing costs and minimize risks.

It is precisely this last aspect where our practice Information Security plays a key role in helping our clients establish a framework of government policies , best practices , methodologies and tools to properly manage the business risks associated with ICT . Solutions have a comprehensive preventive and reactive approach covering both organizational and technological controls , which allows our customers to properly protect their critical assets throughout the organization and ensure that its objectives both policy and business performance are not affected by incidental or ICT related threats .

Finally , our practice of Telecom Operations Management , with a strong focus on the telecommunications industry due to its origins, practices and allows for highly refined processes to achieve excellence in any operation based on a complex telecommunications infrastructure. Thus, since the processes of management infrastructure to customer-facing processes can be monitored and managed with a focus on high availability , continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.