Experience and knowledge to efficiently meet your needs Risk Management and Information Security.

In the current business environment , the information used both within an organization and to the outside of it is exposed to a number of risks, which have a variable impact on the attributes of information security : confidentiality , integrity and availability . At present , the main challenge is to understand the specific risks for each business environment in particular and also understand , or even measure the impact that these risks have on information security .

Traditionally, when speaking of Information Security , it is understood that certain hardware and software solutions with which most companies already have and consider covering all current and future information security needs require . These elements are firewalls , antivirus , antispam, URL content filtering , etc. . However, a comprehensive strategy for information security should consider other elements that improve the overall security posture of the company and are not limited to address specific threats such as access from outside the corporate network or the presence of virus , which definitely if they have relevance, but one element in a general pattern of safety requirements.

Business Analysis and Solutions BA&S known that a Global Strategy for Information Security , in addition to the traditional elements to secure the perimeter of the network of the organization should include aspects of Corporate Identity Management , Access Control information systems based on profiles , Management security events , among others.

The practice of Information Security has several critical objectives :

  1.  Use best practices for identifying needs and opportunities for improving standards of information security .
  2. Issue unbiased views on the need for Information Security to propose the best strategies and tools to solve them with the most cost effective .
  3. Provide tools Information Security fit within an overall security strategy for each specific environment , contrary to suggest a marginal point solutions to security problems observed contribution .